Amelia County Democrat Party


About Us

We are all in this together – and we are glad you are visiting our site. This is our online meeting place, where we organize our activities, share ideas, and publicize our mission.

Democrats believe that when we bind together, we can make a difference much greater than we are on our own. We believe hat our county success are based one each and everyone is afforded the ability to have equal access and respect under the law.

As your party of choice and the "everyday person", we are focused on building an Amelia County economy that lasts—an economy that lifts up all Amelians.

That's why Democrats are working to advance issues like job creation that matches our children's education goals, health care improvements for all, and local business growth. Thsi why you'll find all the information you need on these important issues right here on ACDP.

Contact us here.

Our Work

We work together to make our cause known, to reach out to other groups who share our vision. Whether you’re ready to lend a hand at one of our activities or have photos or articles to share about a recent event, here’s the place to do it.

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